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Trained at Peyrefitte Internationale Schools of Aesthetic in Lyon and Aix-les-Bains (France), I have a Diploma in Beauty Therapy and a Bachelor Degree in Massage, Hydrotherapy and Spa Management.

I have been living in Port Douglas since 2012, for what was meant to be initially a few months work placement.  I decided to stay here for good, became permanent resident annd then Australian Citizen and later even got married in Port Douglas. This is definitely my home now !

I got trained in the Art of Cupping and in Pregnancy and Infant Massage in Australia, to extend my knowledges. 

I am polyvalent, experienced, passionate and a genuine therapist. 

I have been working in almost every spas in Port Douglas during these years, and especially at Pullman Sea Temple and Niramaya for quite a while.  

Finalist at the Port Douglas Business & Tourism Awards as Best Masseuse in 2015, 2016 and 2019, and Runner-up as Best Beauty Therapist in 2016, I think my reputation is not to be established anymore within locals. 

After running a successful home business for 3 years, I took over The Spa at Oaks Resort in December 2019 to extend my services to the tourists of Port Douglas.

Mum of a 3 years old cheeky boy, I will be going on maternity leave soon to welcome a little baby girl. But do not worry, I took the time to build and train a strong team who will be looking after the spa and it’s guests while I am away, and I will be back at work around October 2024. 


All our therapists are highly qualified professional massage and/or beauty therapists. 

They are passionate, experienced, and assure a high quality of services.

MINAXIE Originally from New Zealand, Minaxie brought with her 20 years of experience in the beauty/spa industry. Living in Port Douglas for the last 10 years, she has been working in the most famous spa in the area (Silky Oaks, Pullman, Niramaya, Kaia…) and her reputation is well known. Her calm and warm personality balances perfectly our team, and you will love her big smile! 

NOELINE originally from Ireland, this young mum has called Port Douglas home about 13 years ago. She has been a yoga teacher and massage therapist for years and her passion is for the body and mind connection, as well as travelling. If you live locally you’ve probably already seen her around. The techniques she uses in her massages combined with breathing exercises will release your muscles, relax your mind, and she also does the most beautiful facials…

XIMENA originally from Chile, Ximena has been living in Port Douglas for a few years. From being a journalist, her massage journey started over 3 years ago. She went back to Chile to do a massage school and get certified. When back in Australia, she has been working first in a busy massage parlour and later in a very well known day spa located in a luxurious resort, where she quickly improved as spa therapist and learnt a lot about more advanced facials and spa packages . We are really happy to welcome her in our team, while she keeps studying on the side. 

VANESSA is originally from Portugal. While travelling around the world (what she really likes), she is a Yoga teacher and Massage therapist specialised in Ayurvedic Massage. Arrived in Australia last year, she has been working for a few months as massage therapist in Western Australia before choosing our side of the country to spent the winter months. We don’t how long she will stay as she is always in movement, but we surely are happy to have her in our team for the next few months. 

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